Tailored covers for furniture from Sika-Design

Dryboy is an innovation-driven Swedish company that offers tailored and waterproof covers for everything you want to protect outdoors. Our mission is to contribute to increased comfort in outdoor environments for both individuals and businesses, and to enhance the functionality and durability of all outdoor furnishings.

Therefore, we are proud to collaborate with Sika-Design to provide custom-made and waterproof covers for their outdoor furniture.

Five years waterproof guarantee

Durable and waterproof all year round

Custom made

Tailored to your furniture


Recyclable and PVC-free


Smart solutions for all weather conditions

Dryboy Outdoor Concept

Custom Solutions for Hotels and Visitor Facilities

Below you’ll find the models for which covers have already been developed. The list will be updated continuously.

If any model is missing, we can find a solution before placing an order

Sika-Design Maggie Corner Module Sofa (SD-E175)

Sika-Design Caroline Exterior Lounge Chair (SD-E126)

Sika-Design Madame Exterior Lounge Chair (ND-E44)

Sika-Design Olivia Exterior Sunbed (9590)

Sika-Design Dawn Exterior Lounge Chair (9198)

Sika-Design Charlottenborg Exterior Sofa 3-Seater (AJ-E58)

Sika-Design Charlot 3-Seater Exterior Sofa (9293)

Sika-Design Caroline Exterior Sofa (SD-E326)

Sika-Design Belladonna Exterior Sofa (FA-E90)

Sika-Design Dawn Exterior Sofa (9398)

Sika-Design Charlottenborg Exterior Sofa 2-Seater (AJ-E38)

Sika-Design Ottoman exterior small (FA-E15) (L1)

Sika-Design Charlot Exterior Chair (9190)

Sika-Design Ottoman exterior large (FA-E16 (L1)

Sika-Design Charlottenborg Exterior Lounge Chair (AJ-E28)

Sika-Design Tulip Exterior Lounge Chair (KL-E110)

Sika-Design Carrie Exterior Lounge Chair (9155)

Sika-Design Carrie Exterior Sofa (9355)

Sika-Design Daisy Exterior Sunbed (9595)

Sika-Design Charlot 2-Seater Exterior Sofa (9290)

Sika-Design Olympia Nest Exterior (SD-E950)

More information

5 year waterproof guarantee

Through our unique fabric treatment, which has been laboratory-tested, our fabric is completely waterproof. We are the only ones capable of providing a 5-year waterproofing guarantee, and you can confidently leave cushions and pillows in place. This saves both time and space for the facility.

Tailored for the staff saves money

All our covers are delivered in a Dryboy Delivery Bag. This can be reused to store the cover. Each bag and cover has a name tag to facilitate the handling of large quantities of covers by the staff. There is also the possibility to tailor other storage solutions according to preferences, as we understand that time is money when the staff needs to manage many covers.

Storm-proof – tailored solutions – with the covers the following is included:

No matter how waterproof and tailored the cover is, it won’t matter if it doesn’t stay in place. That’s why we put a lot of effort into finding clever solutions for a stormproof option that is easy for the staff to handle.

  • Sewn-in marine elastic cord at the bottom, which is tightened and secured with a FixLock(drawstring lock).
  • Sewn-in strap loops on each side for attaching the provided Dryboy Storm Elastic Cords.
  • Permanently attached Dryboy Storm Loops for fastening around selected furniture legs.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Oeko-Tex® is a certification that means our fabric has been thoroughly tested to meet high standards of being environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

We consider this important as the covers will be in contact with fabrics that people will interact with.

Delivery Confidence – Locally Produced

To minimize the risk of long delivery times, we have chosen to have the fabrics produced within the EU. All our product development, design, and production take place in Gothenburg with our own tailors. This also makes it easy to make minor adjustments if the need arises.

Large and Small Orders

Dryboy can accommodate both large and small volumes, and handling smaller supplementary orders is not a problem.

Ordering and Delivery

  • Delivery time as agreed upon, depending on the volume
  • Shipping costs are additional

Payment Terms

  • You will be invoiced at the start of production with a 30-day payment term



Please provide your information along with the furniture models and quantities for which you would like to receive a quotation.