Tailored – Waterproof – Stormproof – Simple

It began a couple of years back with tailored covers for private customers and their outdoor furniture. However, a variety of businesses are in need of solutions to protect outdoor furniture, whatever the elements throw at them. Wether it being rain, snow or cold in Sweden, or sun, sand and saltwater in South of Europe- the demand remains.

Tailored: the work is done by Dryboys own tailors, who sew the covers to both have the perfect fit as well as a seamless design.
Waterproof: the unique composition of our fabric makes it fully waterproof, therefore we can with ease guarantee five years of waterproofing to our customers.
Stomproof: through smart solutions we are able to make our covers secure, even when it storms outside.
Simple: through our experience we have the knowledge on how to simplify the use of our covers- all to save time.

Dryboy have waterproof covers to fit everything from outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens, jacuzzis and cargo bikes, everything in need of protection from mother nature. Please see below for some good examples.

Interested in gaining more information about how we could work together? Please contact us: info@dryboy.se

Outdoor kitchen 

A majority of outdoor kitchens are constructed to meet the demands of the customer, sometimes with additional grills, cranes and sometimes even a pizza oven. This results in each outdoor kitchen being unique, therefore a tailored cover from Dryboy is needed.


Jacuzzis are in a growing demand from customers since it is a delightful way to compliment an outdoor area. However, an increase of customers realise that the jacuzzi is exposed to the elements of the year and is in need of additional protection.

Restaurants and Hotels 

Since our covers are fully waterproof, our customers can with peace of mind allow for pillows and cushions to be left outside, protected underneath the covers. Staff members are not required to move them back and forth, allowing for their time to be better spent.

Furniture manifacturers and furniture retailers 

A growing number of customers wish to combine their own lounge groups with other modules or additional furniture. This leads to covers no longer fitting a particular setup, this is when Dryboy comes in. We customise the covers after the requests of the customer. Dryboy is collaborating with a number of furniture retailers who aims to offer an included cover with a sale.

Cargo bike

Exclusive electrical cargo bikes are replacing the use of cars for those living in the city. However, they rarely fit inside and are instead placed outside. Therefore, retailers and producers see the need of designed covers to be a part of their delivery.

Trends and Innovations 

These previous examples highlight the growing trends of unique and personal furniture combinations, the convinience of not having to move pillows and cushions back and forth, to extend the lifetime of our furniture in a way of being more environmentally friendly.

These trends are some of the reasons why Dryboy continues to grow, both in Sweden and abroad.

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