Tailored - Waterproof - Storm-proof - Simple

It started a few years ago with tailor-made covers for individuals and their outdoor furniture. However, companies also need solutions to protect their outdoor items. Whether it is rain, snow, and cold in Sweden or sun, sand, and saltwater in Southern Europe – the need is there regardless.

Tailored: using our own tailors, we make the covers so that they not only fit well but also have a stylish design where required.
Waterproof: our unique treatment of the fabric makes it completely waterproof and we can confidently offer a 5-year waterproofing guarantee.
Storm-proof: with smart solutions to ensure the covers stay in place during storms.
Simple: through our experience, we have solutions and tips on how to simplify the handling of the covers - all to save time.

These are products such as furniture, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, barbecues, electric poles, and box bikes - basically anything you want to protect outdoors.
See below for good examples.

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Outdoor kitchen 

Outdoor kitchen, tap, barbecue, terrace, terrace, balcony, patio

Many outdoor kitchens are built in modules where the customer chooses the faucet, grill, location and perhaps even the associated pizza oven. This makes each kitchen unique and requires customization.

Hot tub 

hot tub, hot tub cover, balcony, terrace, patio

Hot tubs are a growing market where many people want to add a hot tub to their patio. However, more and more people are realizing that the cover is exposed to the weather all year round and needs to be protected.

Restaurants and hotels 

resataurang, table, chairs, tablecloths, cushions, pillows, balcony, terrace, patio

Since Dryboy covers are completely waterproof, you can leave cushions and pillows under the covers. Staff don't have to drag everything in every night and can spend their time on other things.

Furniture manufacturers and retailers

Lounge group, corner sofa, armchair, cushions, pads, balcony, terrace, patio

More and more customers want to combine their own lounge group with modules or dining tables with selected chairs. Then there are no longer suitable covers, but Dryboy customizes just according to the customer's own choice. Dryboy collaborates with a number of furniture players who want to offer covers in connection with the sale.

Box bikes

bike, cargo bike, electric bike,

Exclusive electric box bikes are replacing the car for those living in big cities. However, they do not fit in the building and are left unprotected outdoors. Bike retailers and producers are realizing that tailor-made covers are part of the package.

Trends and innovation 

Trends, futureYour own unique combination choices, no more dragging cushions in and out, longer life, environmentally friendly, recyclable. Values, time and convenience are factors that make Dryboy grow. In 2023 we will take the step into Europe.

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