Stylish lounge group in rattan

Johanna in Lidköping

Johanna (Villa Walden) got tired of lugging her cushions in and out and ordered sand-colored covers for her stylish lounge area. Instead of ordering two covers for her armchairs, she chose to have one made to cover both.
Sofa Higher Back

Higher back sofa with stacked cushions

Sofa Higher Back with Sand Colored Cover from Dryboy

Delightful sofa in rattan

Pernilla in Båstad.

The sand-colored cover is sewn so that it is higher at the back than at the front, providing both a good fit and better function. Now influencer Pernilla at CRE8COMPANIES doesn't have to store her pillows indoors.
Sofa Higher Back

Grill that is used extensively all year round

Annika in Åsa

This classic Weber Genesis is now protected from both rain, snow – and birds’ shit! The vents in the gables help to minimize condensation. The straps on the short sides of the barbecue act as extra reinforcement on stormy days in the West Coast.

Charging port in the ski paradise

Mountain cabin area in Åre

A one-of-a-kind piece, designed and sewn: a customised year-round suit for a charging station. Even in exposed environments in the mountains and in all weather, Dryboy covers protect what you care about outdoors.

Stylish cover for a round hot tub.

Annika in Åsa

This stylish cover in the colour sand will extend the life of Annika’s hot tub lid while retaining heat and saving energy.

Dryboy bespoke cover to protect your hot tub

Stylish cover for a seaside hot tub.

Maria in Västra Frölunda

Maria’s hot tub is beautifully located by the sea. Weather and wind wear hard on her hot tub cover. The cover from will protect her hot tub for a long time to come.