Finally… With Dryboy, we solved the problem of storing our cushions! Stylish, simple, and practical.

Do you recognise it? Those big cushions that are moved in and out depending on the weather. We’ve had ours under our beds, in the laundry room and now in the living room. We have also been looking for a suitable cushion box, but since we have quite a lot of large cushions, we need a really big (and stylish) one that also fits in the outdoor space.
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Homely outdoor furniture in a cosy oasis

Sarah in Habo
Sarah (interiorbysarahstrath) is one of the many people who used to run in and out with the cushions for her outdoor furniture IKEA Havsten – but that was forgotten because of Dryboys customised covers. In addition, the light colour fits perfectly with her own little oasis.
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Stylish lounge group in rattan

Johanna in Lidköping
Johanna (Villa Walden) got tired of lugging her cushions in and out and ordered sand-coloured covers for her stylish lounge set. Instead of ordering two covers for her armchairs, she chose to have one sewn to cover both.
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Sofa Higher Back

Long dining set protected from rain and debris

Petra in Stora Köpinge
Petra (brandstationenistorakopinge) could not find a standard cover to fit her 3.5-metre-long table with 12 chairs. From Dryboy, she was able to order a cover customised for her dining set.
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Dining set regular with gable chairs


Soffa Högre Rygg med staplade kuddar

Delightful sofa in rattan

Pernilla in Båstad.
The sand-coloured cover is made to be higher at the back than at the front for a better fit and function. Influencer Pernilla at CRE8COMPANIES no longer need store her cushions indoors.
Sofa Higher Back

Round dining set in a beautiful outdoor setting

Mott in Umeå
This stylish sand-coloured cover protects the influencer Mott’s (umevagen) neat outdoor furniture from rain and debris. With a Dryboy™ cover, the dining set is protected outdoors during all seasons.
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Round dining set

Lovely dining set with wicker chairs

Cecilia in Trelleborg
Cecilia (cessansplace) wants to protect her beautiful dining set all year round. She chose to order a cover that covers the dining set all the way down. Now the furniture can be left outside without being worn by weather and wind.
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Round Dining set

Cosy lounge sofa made of pallets

Anna in Älvdalen
Anna (glesbygdsanna) built a lounge sofa out of recycled material. The only problem was how she would protect the many and large pillows from rain showers. The problem was solved with a cover from Dryboy.
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Sofa regular

Luxurious crescent-shaped lounge group

Anna in Uppsala
Anna (hemmahosossifullero) wanted to protect the cushions of her luxurious lounge group. We created a new template to successfully sew a cover that fits perfectly on this crescent sofa.
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Lounge group in rattan

Anne in Söderhamn
Anne (interiorbyanne) wanted to avoid lugging all the cushions to the lounge area when she was at her cabin. With Dryboy’s stylish cover, she can easily store her cushions without having to drag them in and out every time.
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Sofa higher back

The more, the merrier

Jessica in Höllviken
It is crystal clear that verandas are ideal for large families and plenty of happy friends. This cool and large sofa is wonderful, and the sand-coloured cover protects all the cushions smoothly and neatly.
Sofa Regular

Fåtöljer med vattentätt, mellangrått överdrag från Dryboy

Lounge group right by the pool

Tore and Gunilla in Torekov
In a simple and elegant way, the cushions for all the armchairs are stored under two covers from Dryboy. No more dragging cushions in and out, and both furniture and cushions get a significantly longer lifespan.
Chair Regular

Mellangrått sofföverdrag till Soffa Högre Rygg

Teak sofas on lake jetty.

Nils in Växjö
This sleek sofa set in teak really invites you to spend lovely days in this lakeside paradise. The covers from Dryboy follow the contours of the sofa from the higher backrest to the front, resulting in a very good fit.
Sofa Higher Back

Outside hangout area with brilliant sea view

Mikael in Karlskrona
No more carrying cushions in and out or taking up a lot of space indoors. Mikael and his family can now store all the cushions in the largest section of the corner sofa and easily protect everything from the weather under the Dryboy cover.

Utekök i sten

World-class outdoor kitchen built on site

Patrick in Onsala
This lavish outdoor kitchen has everything and more and is the icing on the cake for this dreamy veranda. Many delicious meals are made here, and in between use – all year round, the entire kitchen is well protected under a customised cover.
Outdoor kitchen


Grill that is used extensively all year round

Annika in Åsa
This classic Weber Genesis is now protected from both rain, snow – and birds’ shit! The vents in the gables help to minimize condensation. The straps on the short sides of the barbecue act as extra reinforcement on stormy days in the West Coast.

Lush Spa paradise right by the sea

Falkenberg’s Sea Bath
The experience from this beautiful and famous Spa-hotel is totally immersive and everyone leaves with renewed energy and joy. Dryboy are proud and happy for the trust to tailor the facility’s covers for both sofas, armchairs, and sunbeds.
Sofa Higher Back

IKEA Havsten Soffa med utsvängd Karm

Soffan IKEA Havsten med mellangrått, vattentätt överdrag från Dryboy för Soffa utsvängd Karm

A calm and sheltered oasis

Björn in Sävedalen
A cozy lounge group consisting of IKEA Havsten sofa and armchair. The Dryboy covers are sewn to follow the flared frames, and everything stored underneath stays dry and clean.
Sofa Flared Armrests

Gryhyttan cafe set in wood

Marianne in Gothenburg
Dryboy protects the furniture set all year round in both rain and snow. Instead of having to store her beautiful café group from Grythyttan indoors, Marianne can now leave it outside all year round. To improve drainage, she has placed an ordinary garden basket upside down on the table before putting the cover over it.
Round dining set

Dry and pleasant outdoor seating for all hotel guests

Hotel Uddevalla in Uddevalla
Thanks to the covers from Dryboy, hotel staff save a lot of time by not having to carry cushions in and out every day. The custom-made covers also solve the winter storage of outdoor furniture. Dining set regular

Charging port in the ski paradise

Mountain cabin area in Åre
A one-of-a-kind piece, designed and sewn: a customised year-round suit for a charging station. Even in exposed environments in the mountains and in all weather, Dryboy covers protect what you care about outdoors.

Record-sized restaurant sofa

Kerstin at Torget in Uddevalla
This unique outdoor environment is well-known and popular among all Uddevalla residents. Designing and sewing the cover involved a bit of thought. The result is the largest sofa cover to date for Dryboy.

Stylish cover for the outdoor kitchen. Protects against weather and wind.

Linn Herbertsson

Linn ordered a cover that fits perfectly over her outdoor kitchen. As she herself puts it, “Never in my wildest imagination could I have believed that it would be possible to order a custom-made cover for our outdoor kitchen”. The concern that the outdoor kitchen took a beating from the elements is now a thing of the past.
Outdoor kitchen

Stylish covers for outdoor furniture. Linn’s new life hack

Linn Herbertsson
Linn didn’t want to drag all the cushions to a cushion box and wanted to be able to protect her sofa, armchair and table effortlessly. She ordered Dryboy covers for all the furniture and can now quickly and easily put them on when the rain comes.
Sofa higher back

Stylish cover for a round hot tub

Annika in Åsa
This stylish cover in the colour sand will extend the life of Annika’s hot tub lid while retaining heat and saving energy.

Dryboy skräddarsytt överdrag som skydd för ditt spabad

Stylish cover for a seaside hot tub.

Maria in Västra Frölunda
Maria’s hot tub is beautifully located by the sea. Weather and wind wear hard on her hot tub cover. The cover from will protect her hot tub for a long time to come.