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Tailor-made cover for corner sofa

It is increasingly common to have a corner sofa or lounge sofa on your balcony or terrace. Nowadays, you can often choose your own solution through different modules that create a personalized design for the corner sofa.
At the same time, the size of these models adds to the challenge of where to store cushions and pads. Most cushion boxes do not have space. With our customized and fully waterproof covers, we can offer two solutions.

5-year waterproofing guarantee

Leave cushions and pillows in place


Made to measure for your furniture

Short delivery time

Within 4 weeks

OekoTex® certified

Recyclable and PVC-free


Smart solutions for all weather conditions

How to order a Dryboy cover for your corner sofa

Choose the option that best suits your corner sofa.

Split corner sofa

If you have a split sofa, you can choose to pull the two parts apart (just a few centimeters).

Then place all the cushions in the larger sofa section.

Then choose the sofa model that best suits this part of your corner sofa. This is often "Sofa Straight" but can also be one of the other models. For example, if you have a corner sofa whose back is higher than its armrests, choose "Sofa Higher Back".

Moulded corner sofa

Corner sofa, L-shaped sofa or Lounge sofa - there are many names for this type of sofa.
If you want a cover that covers the entire sofa without having to move all the cushions around, we will customize a cover according to your unique measurements.

Price example molded cover: Corner sofa 250×250 cm: 6 339 SEK
(The price is only an indication based on an ordinary model).

  • 5-year waterproof guarantee - Leave cushions and pillows in place.
  • Storm-proof solutions at several points around your furniture.
  • OekoTex® certified: recyclable and PVC-free.

If you prefer this solution, please contact us via our contact form: