Solve the cushion storage problem with Dryboy.

Written by Pernilla Berndtsson, Cr8 CompaniesJuly 16 2019.

Finally… we’ve solved the cushion storage problem with the help of Dryboy. Stylish, simple and practical.

Do you recognise it?

Those big cushions that are moved in and out depending on the weather. We’ve had ours under our beds, in the laundry room and now in the living room. We have also been looking for a suitable cushion box, but since we have quite a lot of large cushions, we need a really big (and stylish) one that also fits in the outdoor space.

That is why I got so excited when Dryboy reached out and wanted to introduce their tailor-made covers, offered in two beautiful colours – medium grey and light sand-coloured. We chose the sand-coloured. If you are uncertain about what colour suits your outdoor area, they are happy to send free fabric samples.

The two alternatives are made from an extra Wide Oeko-Tex®-certified polyester fabric developed for long durability and waterproofness in tough weather conditions. Dryboy’s fabric does not contain harmful chemicals is also free from PVC and is therefore completely recyclable.

What I especially liked was that we could place all the cushions for our lounge group in one place – on the sofa. The idea is that you only need one cover for your sofa if you, like us, have a lounge group.

It makes it very easy to store and set up the cushion, and we avoid carrying and storing them indoors.

The cover doesn’t take up much space, and if you can fold sheets, you can fold a Dryboy cover. It also comes with a stylish and practical storage bag.

There you go – now you can enjoy sitting outside under the awning, and if a rain shower comes, just bring out the cover again.

Would you like to order a tailor-made Dryboy cover too?

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