Tailor-made cover for corner-sofa

It is becoming more and more common to have a corner sofa or lounge sofa on the veranda. Nowadays, it is often possible to configure your own design by combining different modules to create a personalized corner-sofa.

The size of these models raises a challenge for where to store all the cushions and pillows. Most outdoor storage boxes are way too small. We can offer two solutions with our tailor-made and waterproof covers.

Five years waterproof guarantee

Durable and waterproof all year round

Custom made

Tailored to your furniture

Short delivery time

Within 3 weeks


Recyclable and PVC-free


Smart solutions for all weather conditions

Here is how you order a Dryboy-cover for your corner-sofa

Choose the alternative that is suitable for your corner-sofa

Separable corner-sofa

If your sofa is separable, you can choose to separate the two parts (just by a few centimetres)

Next step is to place the cushions in the largest sofa unit.

Then choose the model that fits the larger part of your corner-sofa the best. It is usually “Sofa Regular” but may also be one of the other models. For example, if you have a corner-sofa with a higher backrest than armrests, choose “Sofa Higher Back”.

Custom corner-sofa

This cover model is designed to cover the complete corner-sofa from end to end.

A zipper is applied to one of the ends of the cover to make it easier to put on and remove.

If you prefer a cover for a Custom Corner-sofa, please contact us through our contact form.