Care advice

A Dryboy cover generally does not need to be cleaned as the rain takes care of it for you. However, if you feel that the cover needs cleaning at some point, follow these steps:

Dirt and stains can be rinsed off with a gentle water stream (avoid high pressure). If needed, use a sponge or a soft brush along with a small amount of mild detergent, such as a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water. Only use cold or lukewarm water and avoid too much friction, such as vigorously scrubbing the fabric with a stiff brush. Rinse the fabric several times with clean water until the stain is gone, and then let the fabric air dry.

Do not use cleaning products that contain chlorine or other strong solvents.

Take care of your Dryboy cover, and it will continue to remain functional and look great for many years to come.

Quality & Guarantee

Dryboy™ is manufactured in an Oeko-Tex® certified polyester fabric developed for long durability and waterproofness in tough outdoor conditions. Our production technology means that we can avoid seams on the top of the cover, thus eliminating the risk of water leakage. So, when you order a cover from®, you get a full five-year guarantee* that it will remain waterproof!

Our fabric: Dryboy’s unique outdoor fabric

100% Polyester 230gr/m2, completely PVC-free
A cover from Dryboy™ is therefore completely recyclable (when the time comes after many, many years of use).

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class IV
This important certificate means that our fabric is carefully tested to meet high human ecological standards and does not contain harmful chemicals.

2.000mm WP (water column)
This is the measurement that indicates how waterproof our fabric is. Of course, this has been tested in a laboratory, but we also have an ongoing test in our production studio: in the summer of 2018, we lined a regular cardboard box with our cover fabric and filled the box with 10 litres of water. The box is still there, still filled with water – and still dry as a bone!

Highly durable accessories, adapted for marine use
A strong 6mm elastic cord runs internally along the bottom edge of the cover and terminates in a robust Fix-Lock that tightens the more it is loaded.

The smallest possible footprint on the environment
Firstly, Dryboy’s fabric is produced in a very careful manner, both in weaving and dyeing, as well as in the special water-based surface treatment that makes the fabric completely waterproof. Secondly, we utilize all the fabric from our extremely wide rolls; the pieces that are cut out when we produce your cover are used to sew your storage bag. Additionally, a cover from® extends the lifespan of all the furniture and belongings it protects by many, many years, so you don’t have to throw away and replace them.

5-year waterproof guarantee
This is a unique commitment that allows you, as a customer, to feel confident knowing that your cover from® truly keeps water out. However, the guarantee applies only if you handle and care for your cover in a normal and cautious manner, and not if it is damaged, handled recklessly, or washed with strong solvents. The guarantee also does not apply if Dryboy AB has had to sew a seam on the top side of the cover due to the design of the furniture or attach a cap for items such as a faucet or grill hood.